Stokely Memorial Library

Location :  383 East Broadway

                   Newport,   TN



Phone Number: 423-623-3832


Hours:  Monday - Saturday

                     10 am - 5 pm

Cosby Community Library

Location:  3292 Cosby Highway

                 Cosby, TN



Phone Number: 423-487-5885


Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

                     12 pm - 6 pm

Parrottsville Community Library

Location:  2060 Canary Drive

                 Parrottsville, TN



Phone:   423-625-8990


Hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

                          12 pm - 6 pm

Marie Ellison Memorial Library

Location:  480 South Highway 107

                 Del Rio, TN



Phone:  423-487-5929


Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

                            12 pm - 6 pm

Cocke County Library
      Board Bylaws
Cocke County  Library
Board Technology Plan
Public Library Mission
How to use the Library

Library Board Members:

Chairman: Terry Rowekamp

Vice Chairman: Steve Davidson

Treasurer: Elizabeth Parker

Secretary: Debbie Hommel

Publicity: Pat Mason

Del Rio Rep: Meka Henderson

Cosby Rep: Sam Moscato

Parrottsville Rep: Debbie Hommel

City Reps: Elizabeth Parker, Linda Hampton Parker

County at-large: Terry Rowekamp

Regional County Rep: Steve Davidson

Regional City Rep: Pat Mason